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M Carmen Santamaria

[this is good] Muy interesante y gracioso


Thank you so much, M Carmen Santamaria!  Muchas Gracias!  :o)


You have the greatest handmade Sackboy I have ever seen! I'm trying to make one for my friend and was wondering if you could help me. I can knit simple things like scarfs and the patterns that I found don't look enough like Sackboy for my likings. Please help! Thanks!


Thank you so much, Cat!  That's very nice of you to say!   Glad you like him.

Unfortunately, I didn't make any notes while making him, so I can't even make it easier for myself to make another one (and my Hub desperately wants one). 

I have seen folks make really great Sackboys with modifications to the excellent free pattern by Alan Dart:

and here is another knit pattern (not free, but with an open mouth):

This seller even has a kit available as well as the pattern alone:

While I didn't make any notes about it, I can tell you that to make his mouth, I used my "loopy legs" technique, which you can see in the tutorial at (scroll down to the bottom of the page for tutorials). When I reached the placement where I wanted the mouth, I made a flap with black yarn (like the leg or ear flaps in the tutorial) sewed up the sides and then tucked it inside the head.  You can make a flat (unstuffed) tube for the tongue and sew it onto the back of the mouth before tucking it in.

Good Luck! I'm sure that your friend will be delighted with whatever you make! :o)


I'd like to buy you a sackboy, do u sell them? thx for answering


Thanks for the compliment, impossibly_alone, but I'm sorry, I don't sell any of my creations. :o/ I only make them as gifts of love for friends and family.

For info on buying a really cute Sackboy from see this post:
There are a number of sellers on who are making and selling Sackboys, though. You can try there. If you search for "Sackboy" many items come up - finished ones, as well as patterns:

chiwaluvschis here on flickr has wonderful finished Sackboys:
she has them for sale here:
she makes custom ones with whatever costume you'd like.

I hope you find one that suits you. :o)

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